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Build your AI Employees for Sales Interviews and Customer Service at the Tap of a Button

Introduing SendCall AI Your Next-Level AI Call Website and Meeting Agents

Transform Your Business with Human-Like AI Call Agents: Streamlined Conversations, 1,000+ App Integrations

Integrates With Top CRM and HR Platforms

Automated Meeting Agents to transcribe and build reports of each meeting

It can do the entire job of a full time employee without having to be trained, managed or taking a break.

conduct sale calls interviews surveys … and get your customised report of calls and chats in your email when calls are conducted pick your leads applicants and more …

Create Your AI receptionist and employees and make AI Calls.

Prompt SendCall what information you want from the call and get specific report you set by prompt in email after call is done by AI

It just works 24/7 with a fraction of the cost.

Next Feature: Leads Database : Make calls to up coming leads database …

A passion for creating AI agents on calls and chats

Realistic Conversations

The SendCall AI Agent boasts an unparalleled ability to engage in conversations that feel incredibly human. With nuances and understanding that mimic human agents, it offers a seamless and personalized customer experience.

Infinite Memory and Perfect Recall

Forget about note-taking or forgetting critical details. SendCall AI Agent comes equipped with infinite memory and perfect recall, ensuring that every piece of customer information is accurately remembered and easily accessible.

Autonomous Actions Across 1,000+ Applications

SendCall is not just a talking AI; it’s a doer. With the capability to autonomously take actions across over 5,000 applications, it handles tasks efficiently, from scheduling appointments to managing data entries and beyond.

Zero Training Required

Deploying SendCall AI Agent is as simple as it gets. It requires no training, management, or motivation. This AI agent is designed to learn and adapt autonomously, ensuring it’s always at peak performance without any downtime.

Transforming Customer Support

The introduction of SendCall AI Agent signifies a transformative step forward in customer support services. Businesses can now provide 24/7/365 support without the overhead of hiring, training, and managing a full-time support team. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also significantly reduces operational costs.

Continuous Support

In an era where customer service expectations are at an all-time high, the introduction of SendCall AI Agent marks a pivotal moment in how businesses interact with their customers. This advanced AI-powered agent is not just a tool; it’s a full-fledged team member capable of conducting 10 to 40-minute phone calls that are indistinguishable from real human interactions.

App Access

The SendCall AI Agent boasts an unparalleled ability to engage in conversations that feel incredibly human. With nuances and understanding that mimic human agents, it offers a seamless and personalized customer experience.

Workflow Automation

Experience the fusion of imagination and expertise with Solutions for your business.


Easily handle volume spikes without the need to hire additional staff.

Cost Efficiency

Dramatically reduce operational costs by eliminating the need for a large support team, training programs, and management resources.

An array of AI Agents by chat in customers inbox or a call on their phone

Our comprehensive suite of AI services caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from HR to Sales and more …

SendCall AI /

  • Collaborate with clients and customers.
  • Connect to your customers and applicants.
  • Experience the world of AI call capabilities.
AI calls are here...

sales and customer service AI reps at the tap of a button.

Introduing SendCall AI Your Next-Level AI Calling Agent

Experience seamless, human-like conversations with SendCall AI, capable of engaging in lengthy phone calls of 10-40 minutes. With infinite memory and flawless recall, it autonomously operates over 5,000 applications, revolutionizing phone interactions. Dive into the future of calls with SendCall AI, where efficiency meets humanity.

It can do the entire job of a full time employee without having to be retrained, managed or to be motivated. 

It just works 24/7 with a fraction of the cost.

Prompt SendCall what information you want from the call and get specific report you set by prompt in email after call is done by AI 

conduct sale calls interviews surveys ... and get report of call in your email when calls are conducted pick your leads applicants and more ...

Contact Sales saves thousands of hours of work and unlocks insights we never thought possible.



AI Calls, Sends You Report of Call, You Action or Let AI to Take Action.

Elevate Your Business Communications with SendCall AI Call Center: Pioneering Voice AI Solutions

Navigating the fast-paced world of modern business, every missed call can represent a missed opportunity. This is precisely why SendCall AI steps in with our cutting-edge voice AI assistants, ensuring no customer interaction goes unnoticed. Our diverse suite of AI products ranges from entry-level assistants to fully tailored solutions, all designed to enhance customer engagement through intelligent automation and actionable analytics for businesses of all sizes.

Introducing Our Premier AI Assistants

Nova AI: Tailored specifically for small enterprises, Nova AI excels in managing missed calls. Operating 24/7, Nova AI ensures that every call is answered, engaging customers by providing immediate online booking options, thus capturing every potential lead.

FAQ AI: Perfect for rapidly expanding businesses, Echo AI handles Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with ease. Whether it’s addressing external customer queries or internal team inquiries, Echo AI provides prompt and accurate responses, streamlining your business operations.

Outbound Call AI & Ivy AI: Designed for medium-sized businesses, this AI pair specializes in making outbound calls for follow-ups and payment reminders, maintaining smooth operations and enhancing customer relationships.

Custom AI Solutions: For larger or more specific needs, our custom AI solutions offer a tailored approach to perfectly align with your business processes and customer interaction strategies.

Solutions Tailored for Business Needs

Inbound Solutions

  • Customer Service: With Nova AI, provide continuous support and ensure no call goes unanswered.
  • After-Hours Support: Utilize FAQ AI to handle queries beyond regular business hours.
  • FAQ Handling: Automate responses to frequently asked questions to reduce staff workload.

Outbound Solutions

  • Payment Reminders: Employ Trio AI & Ivy AI for effective reminders that improve your cash flow.
  • Survey & Insights: Engage your customers to gather valuable feedback that can enhance your services.

Industry-Specific Applications

Our AI solutions are adaptable and can be implemented across various industries including financial services, healthcare, call centers, and fintech, ensuring every sector can benefit from improved communication tools.

Features That Distinguish Us

  • Scalability: Our AI solutions scale effortlessly from solo entrepreneurs to large teams.
  • Customization: Personalize your AI to reflect your brand’s unique voice and ethos.
  • Data Security: Our commitment to stringent data protection ensures your information remains secure.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrate our AI with your existing CRM and technology infrastructure.

Transform Your Communication Strategy Today

Explore how SendCall AI can revolutionize your business communications. Visit our website to learn more about our AI products, start a free trial with Nova AI, or request a personalized demo to see our AIs in action. Access our resources, read through our case studies, and discover the significant impact SendCall AI can make in optimizing your customer interactions.

For Law Firms & Attorneys

  • AI-Powered Call Handling for Law Firms
    • Streamline operations with AI-driven call answering and workflow automation.
    • Never miss a potential client call, providing round-the-clock exceptional service.
    • Benefit: “Ensure every call is answered, enhancing client satisfaction and engagement.”

For Automotive & Dealerships

  • Automated Customer Engagement for Automotive Dealerships
    • Enhance customer interaction with AI-driven communication tools designed for automotive businesses.
    • Improve lead generation and service appointment bookings through intelligent call handling.
    • Benefit: “Appointment bookings increased, transforming how you engage with customers.”

For SMBs & Local Businesses

  • AI Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses
    • Deploy tailored AI call agents that manage customer inquiries and operational tasks.
    • Automate routine calls and inquiries, freeing up staff to focus on core business activities.
    • Benefit: “Streamline operations and increase efficiency, allowing more focus on strategic tasks.”

For eCommerce

  • AI-Driven Customer Support for eCommerce
    • Utilize AI agents to handle customer service inquiries, order updates, and returns processing.
    • Enhance customer satisfaction with prompt and accurate support, potentially increasing repeat business.
    • Benefit: “Boost customer retention and satisfaction with efficient and responsive service.”

For Digital Media Agencies

  • AI Communication Tools for Digital Media Agencies
    • Automate client communication and project updates with specialized AI tools.
    • Ensure consistent and timely communication with clients, maintaining project transparency and client satisfaction.
    • Benefit: “Improve client relationships through consistent and proactive communication.”

For Internet Service Providers

  • AI Customer Interaction for ISPs
    • Manage customer service inquiries and technical support with AI-driven solutions.
    • Reduce response times and improve resolution rates for customer issues, enhancing overall service quality.
    • Benefit: “Enhance service reliability and customer satisfaction through rapid response and issue resolution.”

For Real Estate

  • AI Receptionist Services for Real Estate
    • Manage property inquiries, booking viewings, and client follow-ups with AI.
    • Increase engagement and conversion rates by ensuring no call or inquiry goes unanswered.
    • Benefit: “Maximize lead capture and client engagement, improving sales opportunities.”

For HR and Recruitment

  • AI-Powered Recruitment and HR Management
    • Streamline the recruitment process with AI, from initial applicant screening to interview scheduling.
    • Enhance employee experience with seamless onboarding procedures and instant responses to HR-related inquiries.
    • Benefit: “Optimize hiring processes and employee satisfaction, leading to better retention and recruitment efficiency.”

For Sales Departments

  • AI-Enhanced Sales Operations
    • Integrate AI to automate lead qualification and follow-up processes.
    • Drive sales growth through enhanced data analysis and personalized customer interactions.
    • Benefit: “Increase sales conversions and reduce cycle times, boosting overall revenue growth.”

For Call Centers

  • AI Solutions for Call Centers
    • Implement AI to manage high call volumes with automated responses and call routing.
    • Improve customer service efficiency and reduce wait times with intelligent call handling.
    • Benefit: “Transform call center operations, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational productivity.”

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